Dr Hannah Wardill

Supportive Oncology Research Group @ SAHMRI

Dr Hannah Wardill is an early career researcher dedicated to ensuring people with cancer don’t just survive, but that they survive well! Since completing her PhD in 2016, Hannah has secured close to $1M to develop new methods of supporting gut health in people with cancer and predicting patient responses based on the bacteria found in their gut. In 2020, Hannah established the Supportive Oncology Research Group at SAHMRI, a multidisciplinary team developing personalised supportive care solutions targeting the gastrointestinal microenvironment. Her efforts in pioneering the new field of oncogastroenterology have been widely recognised, with Hannah named the MASCC International Investigator of the Year, South Australian Young Achiever of the Year (Sci/Tech) and awarded the prestigious Qiagen Microbiome Award.